If you're the proud owner of the Audi Q5, you know by now what a joy it is to drive in Warrington, Devon, and Philadelphia. This sporty SUV features quattro® all-wheel drive, a host of interior features, and a powerful turbocharged engine.

This Audi SUV can be found here at Sloane Automotive Group. What you'll also find here, beyond experienced sales professionals, are knowledgeable service technicians. They'll be able to tell you all about the important dashboard lights that may come on while traveling in Glenside and Malvern. Here's a guide to those important symbols.

Q5 Red Dashboard Symbols

If you see a red light on the roadways, you know how to react. If you see an ambulance, you pull over. See a red light? You stop at that light every time. When you see red lights in the Audi Q5, don't ignore them-they're likely trying to tell you something.

Here's a closer look at some of those red dashboard lights.

Brakes. If you see a light that says BRAKE in all caps, brake fluid levels could be low. Come to a stop, pull over in a safe spot, and turn the Q5 off. You can look at the brake fluid as explained in the owner's manual, or call an Audi service center for more info. Always check to ensure the parking brake is deactivated before driving, too.

Coolant. Coolant keeps the engine operating at a normal temperature. The light looks like a thermometer with wavy lines underneath it. If this light turns on, pull over and put the car in neutral. If the engine doesn't cool down, call our service center.

Oil pressure. When you see the oil can, stop the engine and don't continue driving. The engine oil level might be low, and if it is, it could cause long-term damage. Let the car cool down for a few minutes, then add engine oil. Only continue to drive if the light turns off.

Audi Q5 Yellow Dash Lights

 The yellow lights in your Q5 are telling you to proceed with caution. With the yellow dashboard lights, the car is trying to alert you to what may be a potential issue that should be looked at.

Here are some of the yellow lights you may come across.

Electronic Stabilization Control. If a light that looks like a car with tire marks is blinking, the ESC is regulating. If the light is on, the system has switched the ESC off. Turn the ignition off and then on again to turn ESC back on.

Brake wear. The light that clearly says BRAKE WEAR means the wear limit has been reached for your brake pads. You can continue to drive, but your Audi dealer should replace the brake pads soon.

Tire pressure. The light that looks like an exclamation point surrounded by tire treads means tire pressure in at least one tire is low. Check all four tires just to be safe, and add air as needed. The owner's manual lets you know what pressure should be set to for the Audi Q5.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced Here

Often, the dashboard lights in your vehicle mean service is needed. You don't want to miss out on any Warrington, Devon, or Philadelphia fun. For any further assistance in Glenside and Malvern with Audi Q5 dashboard symbols, contact Sloane Automotive Group today.

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