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Protect Your Auto’s Best Used Car Pricing in Phoenixville, PA, on Your Beach Trip

Once you take advantage of the best used car pricing in Phoenixville, PA, you will get the chance to put your new-to-you vehicle to good use. Since Phoenixville is just a few hours away from the beach, you may want to plan a day trip to the beach once spring finally arrives. If you do, follow these tips to protect your car and make sure you have everything you need. 

Plan Your Supplies

Although it will not necessarily hurt your car if you forget to bring something along on your beach day trip from Phoenixville, PA, it is better if you do not have to waste time driving to a local store instead of going for a swim or soaking up the sun. Be sure to throw items like towels, sunscreen, swim goggles, swimsuits, and a dry change of clothes in the car. You may also want to pack a beach umbrella if you have one, some water bottles in a cooler, and snacks. After all, you will be gone all day. 

Bring Blankets for the Seats

When you pack your car before leaving Phoenixville, PA, plan ahead and bring along a few oversized blankets or old towels that you do not need for anything else. Before you get back in your car after enjoying the beach, spread these out over the seats as temporary seat covers to protect your upholstery from sand and saltwater. 

Make Everyone Clean Off Before Getting Back In

Let everyone in your group know that no one can go back into your car to return to Phoenixville, PA, without cleaning off. Ideally, everyone should use the beachfront showers to rinse sand and saltwater off and then dry off thoroughly with a towel. This will reduce the amount of sand that gets into your car and the chance of water damage to your vehicle. 

How to Clean Out Sand

If your efforts are not completely successful and you end up with some sand in your car when you get back home to Phoenixville, PA, do not worry too much. You should, however, remove it as soon as possible since it gets nearly impossible to remove after it sets. When you get back, use a vacuum to clean it up, opting for Q-tips or a toothbrush to get into hard-to-reach areas. 

Before your beach day trip, stop by our dealership for best used car pricing in Phoenixville, PA, or to give your auto a checkup at our service center. 

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