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Credit-Boosting Tips to Get the Best Used Car Pricing in Warrington, PA

Whenever you decide to buy a used car, you will likely need to take out an automotive loan since few people pay for vehicles in cash, even used models. As your credit score plays a large role in whether you get approval for an automotive loan, the approval amount, and your interest rate, it is a smart decision to take steps to boost your score before you begin shopping. Here are some simple ways to do just that and get the best used car pricing in Warrington, PA. 

Reduce Revolving Credit

One of the biggest factors affecting your credit score is the amount of revolving credit you have, specifically how that compares to the amount of credit you actively use. A lower percentage leads to a higher credit score, and the ideal is 30 percent or less. In some cases, those with several credit card balances in Warrington, PA, will do well to get a personal loan and pay off those balances or consolidate them. Interestingly enough, even if you pay your balance every month, your ratio might be higher than you think since some issuers will report the balance on your statement to the credit bureaus instead of what you pay. In this case, several smaller payments throughout the month can help. 

Lower Number of Credit Cards

Another reason that personal loan solution may work for you in certain situations is that having a balance on multiple credit cards will hurt your score in Warrington, PA. If you have $30 each on two different cards, this will be more unfavorable than having $60 of balance on just a single card. If you can, pay off the small balances on as many cards as possible and just stick to using one or two cards. 

Keep Your Old Debt There

You may not realize it, but your old debt plays an important role in your credit score in Warrington, PA. Credit companies and lenders alike look at the length of your credit history, not just the current status. Good debt that you have successfully paid off in the way you agreed to will help your credit. Plus, having a longer history of this good debt boosts your score. So, never fight to remove old debts after paying them off. 

When you feel ready to find the best used car pricing in Warrington, PA, with your recently boosted credit score, head to our dealership, where you will find an extensive selection of vehicles. 

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