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Take a Unique Vacation: Tips for Car Camping with Your Auto from a Certified Pre-Owned Dealership in Yeadon, PA

Everyone has a different idea of what a relaxing vacation would be like, and some just want some quiet time by themselves. If you want to do something unique and explore new places, consider going car camping with your auto from a certified pre-owned dealership in Yeadon, PA. If you do this by a campsite, you can even get access to showers and maybe even Wi-Fi, plus complete privacy and no need to pitch a tent. Before you go car camping, keep these tips in mind to make the experience more comfortable. 

Go with an SUV

While you can go car camping in a sedan, you will be most comfortable with an SUV, minivan, crossover, or truck. These vehicles have more than enough space to lie down in Yeadon, PA, so you can stretch out and get comfortable. When buying your vehicle, make sure the seats fold flat or are easily removable. If you have room, bring along an air mattress or at least some sort of padding to make your temporary bed much more comfortable. 

Get a Durable Overhead Carrier

One of the issues with camping out in your car is that when you lay down, you take up space that used to hold cargo. Depending on the length of your car camping trip, you may need somewhere secure to put those items if they will not fit in the cabin with you. Solve this problem by buying a durable carrier for your auto’s roof rack before you leave Yeadon, PA. You may even be able to attach a lock to it for added security. 

Plan Ahead 

When it comes to nearly every aspect of car camping in Yeadon, PA, planning ahead makes the experience go more smoothly. The sooner you get to your chosen campsite, the more likely you are to get a good spot. You should also plan ahead to see if you can find a campsite with showers if you will be out for more than a day or two. If you know there will not be a shower, plan ahead and bring a portable one or whatever you need to set up a little portable wash station. 

Whether you want to go car camping or just need a vehicle to take you to a traditional hotel on your next vacation, the team at our certified pre-owned dealership in Yeadon, PA, can assist you. 

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