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How to Confirm the Air Conditioner in Your Car from a Used Toyota Dealer Near Me in Woodbury, NJ, Works Properly

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to confirm that the air conditioning in the vehicle you bought from a used Toyota dealer near me in Woodbury, NJ, functions properly. If you do notice a problem, take these simple steps to diagnose the issue and get your car ready for summer. While you are at it, make sure you are up to date on your basic automotive air conditioning maintenance. 

Air Is Just Cool

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your air conditioner in Woodbury, NJ, is when summer hits but your car only blows out cool air instead of cold. This is particularly problematic if the fans are on high and the air conditioner is at its max. When this issue occurs, start by confirming that when you have the A/C on, the condenser and radiator’s cooling fans run. Check for any debris, like dirt, bugs, or leaves, that can block the air from the condenser. Finally, confirm the cabin air filter does not have a clog. If nothing works, use a manifold gauge set to check the system’s pressure. Your repair manual will show the recommended pressure ranges. 

Check the Compressor First

Automotive experts in Woodbury, NJ, will tell you to check the compressor as your first check for troubleshooting air conditioning. Turn on your car, set the A/C onto the max setting, put the fans on high, and confirm that your clutch engages on the compressor. If it does not, use a voltmeter to see how much voltage reaches the compressor. In cases where there is voltage, this may indicate a bad clutch. If there is no voltage, you may have a blown fuse, a bad cycling switch, or too little refrigerant. 

Confirm There Are No Leaks

Another important troubleshooting step to check in Woodbury, NJ, is the possibility of leaks. This is probably the most common issue causing air conditioning failure in your vehicle. The simplest method of finding a leak is with a UV A/C leak detection kit, which will have its own clear instructions to follow. You should also confirm that all fittings remain secure and check the compressor’s manifolds, the pressure switches’ O-rings and front seal, the hoses where they meet the fitting, the condenser (in search of pinholes), and the Schrader valves. 

In addition to selling quality used vehicles, the best used Toyota dealer near me in Woodbury, NJ, will also have a service center on-site. The trained technicians at our dealership will gladly confirm that your air conditioner is fully functional before the summer’s heat wave hits. 

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