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What to Bring When You Take Your Dog in a Purchase from a Best Used Car Dealer in Horsham, PA

When you buy an automobile from the best used car dealer in Horsham, PA, you make a purchase that your whole family will use, including the furry members. While your dog will be fine for a short drive, it is a good idea to take some precautions whether it is a drive across town to the dog park or a long road trip. 

A Safety Restraint

For the safety of your pooch on any drive in Horsham, PA, you should always bring along a safety restraint for Fido. Securing your pooch limits his risk of injury in a car accident and prevents him from distracting you while you drive. You can opt for a dog car harness, including ones that attach to the car’s seatbelts. There are also harnesses attached to lines you can connect across your back seat so your pooch is somewhat secure but can still choose where in the back to sit. There are even doggy hammocks for the back seat. Or, you can always opt for a crate. 

Comfort Objects

While many dogs love car rides, this is not true for every pooch. If your dog gets a little stressed in the car, you should make it a point to include at least one or two comfort objects, such as blankets or a favorite toy, on any trip you take from your Horsham, PA, home. Even if your dog loves the car, bring a toy or two on longer drives in case he gets bored. 


Depending on how long you will be out with your dog, do not forget to bring along water, a bowl for him to drink out of, and a snack or meal. You don’t need to give your pooch water while you drive in Horsham, PA. Just have it handy for the occasional stop along the way or once you reach your destination. 

Seat Cover

You will want to protect your car from potential canine destruction, which a seat cover or even an old blanket can help with. This will also have the benefit of keeping fur off the seats so your car is easier to clean later in Horsham, PA. 

The team at our dealership can help you find the right auto for your needs at our best used car dealer in Horsham, PA. 
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