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How to Bake Cookies in Your Purchase of Cars for Sale in West Norriton, PA

Depending on the temperature outside, you can use your vehicle to bake cookies. As a bonus, this is a way to ensure your choice of cars for sale in West Norriton, PA, smells great without using air freshener. Just keep in mind if you want to try baking cookies in your car, you need to wait for a heat wave and use a thermometer to ensure the inside of your auto is hot enough to kill the germs in the raw ingredients. 

Check the Temperature

As mentioned, before you prepare your ingredients, you need to confirm that your car is actually warm enough to successfully bake cookies. At the minimum the temperature on your dashboard should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit, although if it is warmer, this is better. For your car’s internal temperature to reach this, it should be at least 95 degrees outside. You will also need almost a full day if you want to try baking cookies on your dashboard so only do this when you have nothing else to do and nowhere to be in West Norriton, PA. 

Prep the Auto

Start by getting your car ready once you confirm it is at least 95 degrees outside. Park your car in a spot that will get lots of sun, close the windows, and remove the air freshener. You should also take anything you might need out of your car since you will have to keep the doors closed in West Norriton, PA; otherwise, heat will escape. 

Prep Your Cookies

Once your car is ready, it is time to get the cookies ready. You can use your favorite recipe or prepackaged cookie dough in West Norriton, PA. Due to safety reasons and the fact that the cookies will be cooking slowly, the smartest choice is to opt for a cookie recipe that does not include eggs. Put parchment paper on a baking sheet and lay out the cookies just like you would in the oven. 

Let the Cookies Bake

Now, put the baking tray on your dashboard and set a thermometer next to it, preferably so you can see everything from outside of the car. The cookies should begin baking pretty quickly, but this process does not always go smoothly. You will need to regularly look at the cookies but don’t expect them to brown. When you think they are ready, check them with a spatula in West Norriton, PA, and then either let them bake longer or enjoy fresh cookies. 

If you still need to choose one of the cars for sale in West Norriton, PA, to drive around town and potentially bake cookies in, visit our dealership where you will find a wide selection. 
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