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How to Sell Your Car to Take Advantage of Certified Pre Owned Pricing in King of Prussia, PA

If you choose to take advantage of certified pre owned pricing in King of Prussia, PA, you can get a used car  you can count on for a reasonable price. Certified used cars undergo a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process that gives you further peace of mind compared to a non-certified used car. Most people, however, need to sell their current vehicle before they can get a certified pre-owned one from their local dealership. If you want to sell your vehicle to buy a certified one, you have a few options, each with their own pros and cons. 

Try to Find a Private Buyer

Many people who want to sell their vehicle choose to do so by posting it on automotive classified websites or trying to find a private buyer in King of Prussia, PA, in another way. This has the potential to increase your profit slightly over other methods, but also requires a great deal more work on your part. You will have to go through the effort of crafting and posting an ad, potentially paying for the listing, and weeding through potential buyers. You then have to take precautions with the actual transaction to avoid scams and complete all the paperwork yourself. 

Sell It to a Used Car Lot

Another option is to find a local used car lot in King of Prussia, PA, that focuses exclusively on buying and selling used cars. These lots are different from dealerships and do not always have great reputations. They will, however, buy your auto quickly if you are in a rush. 

Trade It in at the Dealership

The best option for most people who want to sell their auto in King of Prussia, PA, to get a certified pre-owned one would be to just do a trade-in. The dealership will walk you through all the paperwork and you can do the entire trade-in in a seamless process instead of having to sell your auto, deposit the money, then buy your new auto in a separate transaction. You should also be able to sell your car to your local dealership even if you do not plan on buying a car there, provided it is in reasonable shape. 

Whether you want to trade in your current vehicle for a certified used model or just want to take advantage of our certified pre owned pricing in King of Prussia, PA, our team will gladly assist you and show you the available cars. 
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