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Tire Care Tips for Your Used Porsche Deals in Audubon, NJ

After taking advantage of used Porsche deals in Audubon, NJ, you need to take care of your vehicle so it continues to run smoothly for years to come. One of the most important things to pay attention to is your tires as they are responsible for keeping your Porsche firmly on the road and play an important role in fuel efficiency. Follow these tips to care for your tires and know when they require a replacement. 

Check the Tread

One part of tire maintenance in Audubon, NJ, is the process of checking your tire’s tread depth, which indicates wear. This is incredibly easy to do if your tires have tread wear bars. These bars should always be visible on your auto’s tires and they will wear down with the tread on your tires over time. Once the tread bar sits flush with the rest of the tire, you know it is time to replace your tires. Alternatively, you can do the penny test. Place a penny into a groove of your tire with Lincoln’s head pointing down. As long as at least part of Lincoln’s head is no longer visible thanks to the tire tread, you are still above the legally required amount of tread. 

Check Tire Pressure

You should also take the time to check your Porsche’s tire pressure at least once a month, particularly before any long drive. When you check your tire pressure in Audubon, NJ, make sure you have not driven in at least three hours. Take a tire pressure gauge and insert it into your tire’s valve stems. Once you have a reading, see how this matches up with the psi recommended in your owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door. If the pressure is low, you can damage the tires and drive less efficiently. If the pressure is too high, you may be at risk of a blowout. 

Rotating Tires

One of the final parts of tire maintenance you should be aware of is tire rotations. Your owner’s manual will have suggested intervals for tire rotation with your specific model. Rotating the tires in Audubon, NJ, is essential for ensuring even wear and tear, which in turn helps with tire longevity and fuel efficiency plus safety. 

In addition to offering used Porsche deals in Audubon, NJ, our dealership includes a service center that will gladly assist you with caring for your Porsche, whether you need to check or replace the tires or another component. 
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