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What to Do If You Accidentally Use the Wrong Fuel in an Auto from a Best Used Porsche Dealer Near Me in Darby, PA

Most people who drive are well aware that there are several main types of fuel – regular gas, premium gas, and diesel – and that your vehicle can typically only handle one of these varieties. Even so, you may accidentally put the wrong fuel in your auto from a best used Porsche dealer near me in Darby, PA. Maybe you were not fully alert at the time, were having a conversation with someone in the car, or had never used premium fuel before. No matter the situation, you can fix it if you act right away, even if you make the major mistake of using diesel instead of gas or vice versa. 

Why It Matters

Simply put, putting gas in a diesel car or vice versa can be a very costly mistake. The results will be worse if you use gas in a diesel engine than the other way around, but both are bad in Darby, PA. The problem arises from the fact that diesel fuel provides additional lubrication, so a diesel engine with gas will have too much friction, increasing damage. You might end up buying a new fuel pump, new filters, pipes, a new tank, or maybe even a new engine. 

Don’t Start the Car!

Hopefully, you notice that you put the wrong fuel into your auto before you start it in Darby, PA. If you catch your error in time, you can reduce the risk of the fuel leaving your gas tank and pumping into the engine. If that does happen, you will have a very costly repair on your hands, particularly in the case of a mix-up between diesel and gas. Remember that in addition to not starting your auto, you should not even put it on to move it to neutral unless absolutely necessary. 

Be Aware of Warning Signs

If you did not notice that you used the wrong fuel and already started your car in Darby, PA, then your first indication that you made a mistake may come from warning signs. Some indications of the wrong fuel in your engine include misfires, smoke from the exhaust, and erratic acceleration. If you spot these signs, pull over, think about your last stop to the gas station, and then get a tow to your mechanic. 

Whether you accidentally put the wrong fuel in your auto or have another issue that needs attention, the service center team at the best used Porsche dealer near me in Darby, PA, can assist you. 
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