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The Best Spot for a Car Seat Once You Take Advantage of Used Audi Pricing in Philadelphia, PA

Taking advantage of used Audi pricing in Philadelphia, PA, can give you access to a luxurious family-friendly vehicle at affordable pricing. As a parent, the safety of your children is always a priority. This means you need to do more than buy an Audi with excellent safety features. You will also want to select the best car seat and know where to place it for maximum protection. 

Most Common vs. Safest

Most parents tend to place their child’s car seat in the second row on one of the sides, which is what people have done for years. However, the safest spot for a car seat will be the center position of the backseat. Of course, if this is not feasible because you need to fit more than one car seat, your vehicle will still protect your child in Philadelphia, PA, but it is best to go with the middle seat. 

The Research

A key 2008 study that looked into the safest position for a child car seat in Philadelphia, PA, found the center rear seat to be the safest. It analyzed data related to children in auto accidents between 1998 and 2006 based on a phone survey and insurance claims. It found that 41 percent of parents put car seats on the rear seat passenger side, followed by 31 percent on the driver’s side passenger side, and 28 percent in the center position. The researchers also noticed that using the center position became less common as kids got older. 

The Difference

According to the research, putting your child’s car seat in the middle gives them a 43 percent lower risk of an injury than in a side position. Even so, any rear seating position delivers amazing protection in a collision. So, if you cannot put your car seat in the center in Philadelphia, PA, just put it elsewhere in the second row. 

When the Center Is Not Possible

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to place your child’s car seat in the middle rear seat in Philadelphia, PA. Maybe your car simply does not have the LATCH system in the right spots, or perhaps you have multiple children and cannot fit two car seats side by side. In either of these cases, know that just using a car seat of the appropriate size for your child and placing it in the rear seat dramatically reduces their risk of injury. 

When you visit our dealership, we will help you with great used Audi pricing in Philadelphia, PA, and can show you which models have the safety features you want for your family. 
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