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Tips if You Drive Your Auto from a Used BMW Dealer in Lansdale, PA, to Canada

Many people choose to take road trips during the summer months. Depending on how much driving you feel up to, you might take a drive to Canada, whether to see Niagara Falls or beyond. Before you drive over the U.S.-Canada border in your auto from a used BMW dealer in Lansdale, PA, keep the following advice in mind. 

Follow All Road Trip Suggestions 

Before you head to the Canadian border, make your regular road trip preparations. Make an appointment with your Lansdale, PA, service center before you leave, so you know that everything works properly and you will not experience a breakdown while at the border or during another part of your drive. This is also the time to confirm you have basic emergency supplies in your car, including jumper cables and a first aid kit. 

Gather All Necessary Documents 

If you have not driven across the Canadian border in a while, then you may not have needed a passport the last time you crossed. Since 2009, everyone driving into Canada does need a passport, so make sure everyone in your party has one before leaving Lansdale, PA. If you are traveling with any kids who do not have both parents present, bring along a written note from the parent or guardian who is not there that gives permission to leave the country, plus contact information. You should also have your vehicle registration information handy, just as you would when driving around the States. This is even more important when crossing the border since some people try to avoid duties on autos they purchased out of the country. 

Check Your Insurance, Roadside Assistance, and Cellphone Coverage

Finally, confirm that all the services you rely on will be active when you are in Canada. Then, arrange supplementary services if necessary. This means you need to check if your auto insurance and roadside assistance will provide coverage when you are in Canada just as they would in Lansdale, PA. Some providers will, while others may charge additional fees. Do the same with your cellphone service since you do not want to get in a car accident without a way to contact anyone. 

Before you take a road trip this summer, whether within the country or to Canada, let our service center team give your BMW a full inspection to confirm it is up to the drive. Make an appointment at our service center at our used BMW dealer in Lansdale, PA, before you hit the road. 
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