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Considerations When Pricing Your Auto to Sell to a Used Honda Dealer in King of Prussia, PA

In many cases, you will want to sell your current auto before you buy one from a used Honda dealer in King of Prussia, PA. While you could sell it privately, it is much easier to just sell your vehicle to the same used dealership you buy from. No matter who you sell your used auto to, you need to ensure that you price it right or know what a good offer from the dealership is. When pricing your used car, keep the following considerations in mind. 

Pricing on Kelley Blue Book

To start off on the right track, go to Kelley Blue Book’s pricing tool or another similar tool. You will need to enter your auto’s make, model, year, trim, options, and general condition. Based on this information, you will get a price range that your auto most likely falls in. You may even want to print out the results to bring to the dealership in King of Prussia, PA. This can help you negotiate a better trade-in price. 

Pricing for Similar Models

Next, take a look at the value of autos similar to yours within your area. You can look at both private sale listings and those at dealerships, but remember that dealerships will typically pay a little less for a used car than a private buyer. They make up for this with the convenience involved, time saved, and assistance with the necessary paperwork. To help with this, many dealerships will actually have a price estimation tool on their website. If so, you can get the approximate value of your trade-in before bringing it to the King of Prussia, PA, dealer. 

Evaluate the Condition

The biggest deciding factor in how much your car is actually worth to a dealership in King of Prussia, PA, will be its condition. You need to evaluate this with an unbiased attitude and pay attention to things like mileage, wear and tear on the seats, exposed metal on the exterior, scratches, and any components that are older or in need of repairs. Remember that your car will be worth more if you had regular service appointments and have proof of this since those records will show you took good care of the car, likely extending its lifespan. 

The team at our used Honda dealer in King of Prussia, PA, can give you a fair price for your trade-in and help you find a new-to-you used auto that fits your requirements. 
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