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Avoid a Car with a Salvage Title – Buy from a Used Honda Dealership in Pennsauken, NJ, Instead

When it comes time to buy a used car in Pennsauken, NJ, you need to pay attention to the title to prevent the seller from taking advantage of you. If you buy from a private seller or an unscrupulous dealership, you may end up with an auto that has a salvage title, which is something you should avoid despite the incredibly low cost. You will quickly end up paying more overall and have to deal with a long list of hassles. 

A few good methods of avoiding salvage titles include: 
Always ask to see the title. 
Do a VIN check for an auto before buying it. 
Choose to buy from a reputable used Honda dealership in Pennsauken, NJ, since it will not sell autos with salvage titles. 

What Are Salvage Titles?

To understand why you want to avoid salvage titles in Pennsauken, NJ, you need to understand what it means. A salvage title does not indicate that the vehicle is currently in bad shape. It means that the auto received damage that would cost 75 to 91 percent of its pre-accident value to repair. In situations like this, insurers may decide the auto is just a loss and give it a salvage title. The damage may be due to a car accident, vandalism, or natural disasters, like flooding. 

How Salvage Titles Get Sold

Even after a vehicle receives a salvage title, it can be technically legal to sell it, provided a few things happen. It must have sufficient repairs to overcome damage from the accident, undergo a police inspection to check for stolen parts, and have a mechanic inspection. You need proof of all these things in Pennsauken, NJ, and should still feel hesitant about buying a salvage title. 

Reasons to Avoid Salvage Titles

Even if the seller repaired an auto with a salvage title, you should avoid it since you will not be able to tell for sure if the seller really made all necessary repairs. It is common for sellers to claim the damage was superficial when it was not or to cut corners to save money. This can sacrifice your safety as well as the auto’s reliability. If you do buy a salvage title auto, you will find it nearly impossible to sell or even to get insurance coverage, giving you more reasons to stick to a quality used car from a Honda dealership. 

As you browse the selection at our used Honda dealership in Pennsauken, NJ, you can rest easy knowing that all autos have clean titles, with no salvage titles in sight. Visit our dealership or website to browse our selection and find a used car that you can count on. 
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