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What to Do If the Engine Overheats on a Used Toyota from a Dealer Near Me in Bellmawr, NJ

As an automotive owner, you should be familiar with what to do in various situations, such as if you get a flat tire or if your car overheats. If you notice your engine overheating while driving a car from a used Toyota dealer near me in Bellmawr, NJ, follow these instructions to stay safe and find the underlying cause. 

Why It Overheats

There are several reasons that an automotive engine may overheat, with some more common than others. If there is not enough coolant, your engine temperature will quickly rise. The low coolant may be from not topping it off or a leak. You may also have issues if the coolant is too diluted. Another common cause is a faulty thermostat in Bellmawr, NJ. If you do not have enough oil in the engine, this can cause extra friction, leading to overheating. Finally, hot weather can lead to overheating, making summer the perfect time of the year to refresh your memory on what to do in this situation.

Immediate Actions to Take

If you notice your car overheating in Bellmawr, NJ, stop driving and pull over to the side of the road. Driving more than a quarter-mile or so with an overheated engine can lead to serious damage, which you want to avoid. You may need to get your auto towed, but you can start with some basic troubleshooting in a safe area. Once you pull over, turn off the engine. Only open the hood once the car cools completely and your temperature gauge reaches cool, instead of hot. Otherwise, you are at risk of a burn. 

Quick Troubleshooting

Even those without mechanical experience can do a few basic checks in Bellmawr, NJ, to eliminate a handful of reasons for an overheating engine. Confirm that your radiator cap is cool to the touch, then twist it off using a towel and avoiding steam. Now, you can check the antifreeze/coolant levels. Fill it if necessary, then replace the cap. You can then check the hoses on the upper and lower portion of the radiator for blockages, bursting points, or disconnections. Once you have done these things, you can turn the engine back on, but keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If you notice it creeping back up, turn the engine back off and call for a tow. If you can make it, bring your auto to a mechanic for an inspection. 

The team from the service center at our used Toyota dealer near me in Bellmawr, NJ, will gladly inspect your auto to determine why your engine overheated. We then will make the necessary repairs to prevent this from happening again in the future. 
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