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Tips for Keeping Your Toddler Busy While Shopping Certified Pre-owned Deals in Willow Grove, PA

We all know that shopping for certified pre-owned deals in Willow Grove, PA, can be a lot of fun. That is, unless you have a fussy toddler along for the ride. If you are car shopping with your child, there are a few good tips that can help them maintain a pleasant mood while you are shopping. Along with a well-packed diaper bag including diapers, wipes, medicines, and a change of clothes, the following ideas can be useful. 


Never underestimate the power of having snacks to keep everyone in a good mood while shopping for certified pre-owned deals in Willow Grove, PA. For your toddler, you will need to keep a variety of healthy snacks that they love and are easy to clean up. Things like the pouches with applesauce, snack crackers, fruit or veggies, and cheese sticks are all good ideas. Don’t forget to take a sippy cup of fresh water along. 

Games & Toys

If you are one to let your child have some screen time, this is the perfect time to bring their tablet along. You can also bring classic toys such as their favorite car, train, doll, or jack-in-the-box. If you know you’ll be shopping in Willow Grove, PA, for a long day, then this may be a good time to bring a new toy along. If you do, don’t bring it out until you’ve exhausted their favorite toys already. 

Books & Crayons

Those who go car shopping as a family can entertain their toddler by reading the occasional book and looking at pictures with them. It’s also helpful to take some breaks while shopping in Willow Grove, PA. Allowing your toddler to get out and run around will help them calm when you negotiate important details. Your artistic children will love coloring and working through picture books. 


If your child is old enough to understand, don’t be afraid to reward their good behavior with a treat afterward. Letting them know early on that if they are good and play with their toys, they can have an ice cream or time at the park helps your child keep his or her eye on the prize while you shop for certified pre-owned deals in Willow Grove, PA.
Stop by Sloane Automotive Group in Willow Grove, PA, for a test drive today. Our highly-qualified team loves children and will be happy to help guide you through the extensive selection of new and used vehicles we have. 

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