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Mending Upholstery Tears Before Visiting Your Used Honda Dealer in Collingswood, NJ 

Getting your car ready to trade in for another one can be a project. If you want to fix upholstery tears before heading over to your used Honda dealer in Collingswood, NJ, here are a few things to consider. 

What Kind of Rip It Is

Rips that are close to the seam will need different care than rips in the middle of the seat. It all depends on the amount of pressure the mended rip will endure when you are riding around Collingswood, NJ. The material will also play a role in deciding how you treat it. Some materials work well with glue, while others will not. 

When to Glue

If your seats are leather or vinyl and the tear is near the seam, you can use glue. Pull the material together or use a patch of material underneath that is a very similar color. You can get specialized glue from a store in Collingswood, NJ. Pull the pieces together and glue them down. It will only take a few minutes because the glue dries quickly. This is the best step in cases where the upholstery isn’t under a lot of stress. 

Patch Kits

Tears that are in the middle of the seat or in other heavy wear areas will need to have a patch kit. This kit uses heat, providing a stronger seal that can hold up under pressure when riding around Collingswood, NJ. For this step, measure the tear and cut your patch about two inches larger on all sides. This will help protect the tear from extending later. Place this patch under the tear and have your heated iron ready. Work from one end to the other, pulling one side to the center and using the iron to seal the patch. It will only take a few minutes to seal the patch closed. Test one side, then pull the other one tight and seal it with the iron again. 

Wear and Tear

Upholstery from all different kinds of materials can benefit from protection after a detailed cleaning. Using a steam cleaner on fabric seats can help remove stains, and Scotch Guard can protect against future ones. If you see a lot of wear and tear, you may be surprised by what a good upholstery protection and cleaner can do in the future. You can find one at a parts store in Collingswood, NJ, or online.

If you have questions about your car’s interior, visit Sloane Automotive Group, your used Honda dealer in Collingswood, NJ. Our team of experts can offer you tips for your current project or suggest the right repair.

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