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Fix Any Minor Rust You Find While Shopping for Used Porsche Deals in Audubon, NJ 

Owning vehicles can mean dealing with rust from weather and road conditions. If you allow rust to grow unchecked on a vehicle, it can cause all kinds of body damage. Whether you want to fix a trade-in or improve your used Porsche deals in Audubon, NJ, there are some things you can do to repair it. 

Check for Rust

Examine every part of the car, even the smallest areas, to check for rust. You may have to check the hood and other places that aren’t clearly visible. If there are paint bubbles, there is rust hiding underneath. Inspect the car carefully so that you can treat the rust all at once and keep it from spreading while you cruise the roads of Audubon, NJ. 

Superficial Rust

For simple rust on your car, removal is quite easy. You need to use 60-grit sandpaper or a rust scuffer on the rusty areas. You must remove all the rust on your car in Audubon, NJ, so you can get a clean start. Run your hand over the metal to make sure it is smooth. If it isn’t, repeat this process until it is. 

Check the Metal

Before moving onto the next step in Audubon, NJ, you need to ensure there is solid metal underneath. Use a scratching awl and poke around the metal a bit in the area that had rust. If it doesn’t go through, the damage was just superficial. If it goes through, there is rust under the metal. If this is the case, you may need to use a small grinder as well as snips to open up the metal and remove the damaged bit. 

Replace the Metal Opening

If you have gotten this far repairing your rust, it is time to consult experts in Audubon, NJ. Mistakes made at this juncture can be dangerous, so it’s advisable to have an expert help you out. For this step, your professionals will model metal to replace the original piece. Then, they will weld it onto the body. 

Wrapping It All Up

After you have performed the superficial rust treatment or had metal replaced in Audubon, NJ, you are ready to apply primer. This may take two coats, and you need to wait for the first to completely dry before applying the second. Be sure to take safety measures, particularly if you are using the grinder. 

Before starting a project like this, you should pay a visit to Sloane Automotive Group for your used Porsche deals in Audubon, NJ. Our team of professionals can answer any questions about rust you may have or introduce you to a new vehicle to replace your rusted one. 

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