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Spring Maintenance You Should Do Before Shopping at Your Used Toyota Dealer Near Me in Gloucester City, NJ

Depending on the part of the country you live in, you may have your check the calendar to believe that spring has indeed arrived. But since it has, there are a few things you can do to spruce up your car as soon as the snow and muck are gone in Gloucester City, NJ. Most of these tips are do-it-yourself and don’t need a lot of special tools.


Spring is a great time to go through the inside of the car and take out the extra coats, gloves, scarves, and hats. Toss them in the washing machine before storing them away until next winter. With all the clutter gone, you can vacuum out the grit, salt, gravel, and dirt. You may even want to shampoo the carpeting to get it all nice and clean. The windows can stand a good washing too after all the mittened hands have smeared them trying to wipe away the fog. If you need some tips about products to use for cleaning up your car, check with a used Toyota dealer near me in Gloucester City, NJ.


A trip to the car wash is in order to wash away all of the road grime and salt from icy roads. If you prefer, you can wash your car at home. Be sure to apply a good coat of wax when the car is clean to help keep it that way and protect the paint. There are special products that will clean the grime off the headlights so your lights will shine brightly again. A good tire cleaner and protectant will spiff up your tires and make them look great as you drive around Gloucester City, NJ. Speaking of tires, check the air pressure and tread. Do you have studs on? Check with your highway department to find out what the date is for stud removal. 

Under the Hood

Spring is the ideal time to change the oil in your car and check all the other fluids. Check the radiator to make sure that it appears full and has sufficient coolant, and maybe even give it a good flush if one seems necessary. You might want to check the transmission fluid and see if it needs changing or flushing in Gloucester City, NJ.

If you need assistance with any of these chores, come on into the used Toyota dealership near me in Gloucester City, NJ and let our trained service department do them for you.

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