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Tips for Changing a Flat Once You’ve Found a Used Toyota Dealer Near Me in Haddonfield, NJ

Everyone driving should know a few simple car care steps in case they wind up in a jam. If you shop for a used Toyota dealer near me in Haddonfield, NJ, it’s time to learn how to change a flat tire. Staying prepared for the inevitable helps you stay safe and gets you back on the road. 

Before Travelling

There are a few things you need to have in your car in Haddonfield, NJ, at all times. Making sure you have a reliable spare and the equipment to change your tire is very important. A safety kit with flares or triangles should also be in your car. Keep your owner’s manual and a small first aid kit in your vehicle as well. This is the minimum to carry. Other important items include a blanket, bottled water, and a flashlight in case you can’t go anywhere for an extended period of time.

Before Jacking

Now that you have a flat, make sure to ease the car to a safe spot in Haddonfield, NJ, and place your safety flares or triangles as well as turn your hazards on. Make sure your car is in park, and set the emergency brake if there is one. Your lug nuts can be very tight, so many people loosen them before jacking the car, as this prevents your tire from spinning as you try to wrench them free. Wedge something against the opposite side of the tire to help keep it from rolling once you jack the car. Place the jack in the recommended position from the owner’s manual, and get it high enough up so that you can easily remove the flat. 

Replacing the Tire

Once all the lug nuts are off, ease the tire from the car. Be careful because cars can fall off a jack, which can be dangerous. When you are replacing the new tire, carefully set it on the wheel studs and slide it back in place. Tighten the nuts in a star pattern with your fingers before using any tools. This will help ensure the wheel goes on balanced and with the proper positioning. Once it is on, finish tightening the bolts and continue shopping for a used Toyota dealer near me in Haddonfield, NJ. 

If your tire gets stuck or gives you trouble, call a tow truck so that you don’t sustain an injury or damage your car. For more details on car care and maintenance, stop by Sloane Automotive Group in Haddonfield, NJ. Our team of experts can answer any of your questions and help you get into the right car for you and your family. 

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