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Understanding the A/C in Your Auto from the Best Used Porsche Dealer in Chester, PA

As the warmer weather starts to take over, the air conditioning becomes one of the key features in your auto from the best used Porsche dealer in Chester, PA. Most drivers feel content to know that their air conditioning functions correctly, but some want to actually understand how this system works. A better understanding of the A/C can help you spot problems early, so you do not have to worry about overbearing heat. 

What the Air Conditioning Does

To understand your air conditioning, you should start by getting a feel for what functions it performs. The most obvious of these is the act of cooling air as it enters the passenger compartment in Chester, PA. Additionally, the air conditioning system removes moisture from air, ensuring comfort within your auto. Most of the time, your air conditioning automatically cycles when you choose the defrost setting. In this case, it takes humidity from your windshield, enhancing visibility. Since you probably do not use the cooling function of the A/C when you need to defrost your windows, this is a surprising function for many drivers. 

Components of the Air Conditioning Unit

The air conditioning system in your used Porsche has the same main types of components as those found in any other auto, although their specific construction can vary. A/C systems always include an evaporator; condenser; compressor; orifice tube or expansion valve; and drier, accumulator, or receiver in Chester, PA. 

How the Air Conditioning Works

The refrigerant is a gas that pressurizes the air conditioning system, with your Porsche requiring a specific amount. The compressor takes the gaseous refrigerant and compresses it, so the substance becomes a fluid. The system then cycles this fluid through the refrigerant line. This is the high side since it experiences high pressure. The refrigerant then flows through a radiator-like grid while air moves through the condenser, removing heat from this refrigerant in Chester, PA. The refrigerant goes to the orifice tube, which has a restriction or valve that reduces pressure, returning the refrigerant to a gas. The refrigerant then goes into the receiver drier, where a desiccant takes out moisture. The refrigerant is now drier and cooler, so it goes into the evaporator. Air goes through the evaporator’s core, with heat removed from the air and going into the refrigerant. This leaves just the cool air to enter the cabin. 

If you spot any problems with your air conditioning thanks to your new knowledge, bring your auto to the service center at our best used Porsche dealer in Chester, PA. Our team will diagnose the problem and ensure your car can keep you cool at all times. 
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