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Understanding the Check Engine Light on Your Auto from a Pre-Owned Dealership in Yeadon, PA

After you buy your auto from a pre-owned dealership in Yeadon, PA, you are responsible for its maintenance. This includes being aware of the check engine light and understanding what it means if this warning light turns on. When in doubt, always take the check engine light as a warning and a strong recommendation to bring your auto to your mechanic as soon as possible. To help you figure out if you need a service appointment for later that day or it can wait a day or two, considering the following information. 

Constant vs. Blinking

One important thing to note about the check engine light in Yeadon, PA, is that it can blink or remain constant. In cases when the light stays steady, you still want to make an appointment with your mechanic for as soon as you can, but the problem is not an emergency. However, if the light blinks, you will need to reduce your power and have a mechanic look at the auto ASAP. 

First Steps When the Light Turns On

If your check engine light turns on in Yeadon, PA, you should first check whether it is steady or blinking. Then, look at your dashboard lights and gauges to check for overheating or low oil pressure. In the case of a blinking light or serious issues, reduce the load and speed. No matter the situation, bring your car to a mechanic so they can read the diagnostic code and determine the issue. You can also sometimes get rid of the check engine light simply by tightening your auto’s gas cap. 

Some Common Causes

Every situation is different, but some causes for the check engine light are more common than others. Your auto’s diagnostic code will be able to tell you the specific reason your light went on in Yeadon, PA, but it is likely to be one of the following. Your oxygen sensor might be faulty and require replacement. As mentioned, the gas cap may simply be loose, and this is something you can test yourself. You might also need to replace the catalytic converter, which is responsible for reducing exhaust gases. Other causes include needing to replace the mass airflow sensor, spark plugs, or wires. 

The team at our pre-owned dealership in Yeadon, PA, service center can easily determine why your check engine light turned on and resolve the issue, so you do not have anything to worry about. 
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