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Safety Gear for Your Auto to Buy with Savings from Pre-Owned Pricing in Lansdale, PA

Thanks to amazing pre-owned pricing in Lansdale, PA, you will have plenty of money left over to upgrade to a higher trim level, add accessories, or just make sure that you have a full safety kit in your auto. No matter where you drive or how often you hit the road, you should always have a few essential items with you in case an emergency arises. 

A Flashlight

Perhaps one of the most important items to have on hand is a flashlight. You do not want to rely on the dwindling battery of your smartphone to use that flashlight if your car breaks down in a dark area in Lansdale, PA. A broken-down auto might not have a functional battery, meaning that there is no guarantee you will be able to use its lights to resolve the problem with your auto. 

Emergency Warning Triangle

There is always a minor risk associated with stopping your car by the side of the road in an emergency, but you can reduce that risk by ensuring that other drivers know you are there. To help with this, keep an emergency warning triangle in your auto. The reflective material will ensure that other drivers in Lansdale, PA, spot your vehicle so there is no risk of running into your stopped auto. 

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables take up barely any room in your auto but can come in handy more often than most people realize in Lansdale, PA. If your battery dies and you do not have jumper cables, you would have to find someone willing to give you a jump start that has these cables. If you already have them on hand, you just need anyone with a car or an external battery you can use. Keeping jumper cables on hand can also give you everything you need to turn someone else’s day around if their battery dies. 

A First Aid Kit

While you need supplies to keep your auto running in Lansdale, PA, you should also keep your own health and safety in mind. Invest in at least a small first aid kit so you do not have to worry about minor cuts. If you get into an accident, having a first aid kit can save your life depending on how long it takes for paramedics to arrive. 

Our dealership will gladly help you get pre-owned pricing in Lansdale, PA, for the auto of your dreams. We can even walk you through the various safety features and accessories available. 
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