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Child Safety Tips After Taking Advantage of Used Car Pricing in Phoenixville, PA

Once you take advantage of used car pricing in Phoenixville, PA, you will be ready to start using your auto for daily driving. If you have kids or frequently drive around children, then it pays to refresh your memory periodically on how to keep your youngest passengers safe. Anytime you have kids in the car with you, pay extra attention to the following safety tips. 

Always Buckle Up

It should be obvious, but the advice to always buckle up bears repeating. No matter your age, you should always use a seat belt when in a vehicle in Phoenixville, PA. This is particularly important for children since it reinforces good habits from an early age. It can also add another layer of safety for kids, who are already at a higher risk of injury in collisions than adults. 

Use Car Seats Properly

If your child is too young to sit without a car seat, then you should always make it a point to have one in place and use it correctly. Pay attention to guidelines regarding the height and weight limits for various seat types, and take the time to install it correctly. A car seat will protect your child in a collision or even a sudden stop, but it cannot do its job if you do not use it correctly in Phoenixville, PA. 

Put Children in the Backseat

No matter how much your child wants to sit in the front while you drive around Phoenixville, PA, you should not give in. Until children are about 12 years old, it simply is not safe for them to sit in front. If your child is particularly big for his or her age, you may be able to safely move him to the front seat sooner, but always consult a pediatrician first. 

Don’t Leave Kids Alone

Even if it will just be for a few minutes, make it a point to never leave children alone in the car or by a car, particularly if the keys are present. This is just an accident waiting to happen, even if it is something as small as your child accidentally closing the door on his fingers in Phoenixville, PA. 

Let our dealership know if you have any specific safety concerns regarding child passengers when you check out our used car pricing in Phoenixville, PA. We will gladly show you autos with the latest safety features and tell you how many car seats fit in each vehicle. We make your safety one of our top priorities. 
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