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Should You Get a Dash Cam to Equip One of the Best Used Cars for Sale in Glenside, PA?

Once you buy one of the best used cars for sale in Glenside, PA, you will need to decide what accessories to add to the vehicle. More and more people choose to add on a dash cam, although this addition is still less popular in the United States than in some other countries. Take a look at some of the reasons you may want to consider a dash cam so you can decide for yourself. 

Storage Should Not Be an Issue

Those concerned about dash cams not having enough room to record constant video do not need to worry. Most make it very easy to download video files from the camera whenever you want. Then, when the storage space fills up, they typically start recording over old footage in Glenside, PA. This just means that you must save any footage you will need in the future before the system records over it. 

Even Good Drivers Can Use Them

Many people make the mistake of completely discounting the usefulness of a dash cam because they are good drivers. Even if you are unlikely to cause an accident, other drivers might, in which case a dash cam could show that you were not at fault. Do not forget that even good drivers could be at risk of theft or insurance fraud by people pretending your car hit them; a dash cam could find the thieves or prove your innocence in Glenside, PA. 

Some Dash Cams Have Extra Features

The traditional dash cam you would find for sale in Glenside, PA, would only record the road in front of you as you drive, but certain models can do more than this. Some cameras have a function that records everything that occurs in front of your vehicle when you park. This means that if there is a hit-and-run while you are gone or someone accidentally damages your car, you have evidence. Some dash cams also include inward-facing cameras in addition to the outward-facing ones, adding another direction to the view. There are also dash cams specifically designed to let parents monitor their teen drivers. 

Protection in an Accident

The biggest reason to use a dash cam in Glenside, PA, would be to provide protection in case of an accident. A dash cam will show exactly what happened, so there is no need to argue with the insurance company. Dash cams eliminate the issue of “he said, she said” and can prove everything from the cause of the accident to the resulting damages. 

You can find the best used cars for sale in Glenside, PA, at Sloane Automotive Group. Vehicles here already come with some of the latest technology and safety features, so it is up to you whether you want to supplement them with a dash cam as well. 
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