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How to Buy a Car for Your Teen at a Used BMW Dealer Near Me in Devon, PA

Buying a vehicle for teen drivers is a crucial decision as you want something that will teach them to drive responsibly and keep them safe. There are many good choices at a used BMW dealer near me in Devon, PA, but you have to figure out how to determine which vehicle will best suit your teen. To maximize safety and value, keep the following factors in mind. 

Consider Reliability

One of the first things to consider with a teen driver is whether the vehicle you choose will be reliable. While your teen should learn how to take care of basic maintenance at some point, you do not want to get an auto that will break down as this can put your teen at risk of an accident. To ensure the reliability of a used vehicle in Devon, PA, look at the ratings for the model and year, check the vehicle history report for any major accident in the past, and have an expert inspect the vehicle. If all those things turn out good, you can likely count on the vehicle to get your teen to his or her destination. 

Make Safety a Priority

In addition to reliability, safety is the other primary factor to keep in mind when shopping for an auto for a teen. Look at the safety ratings from the IIHS and NHTSA on a particular model and year before buying it and examine the list of safety features. Opt for autos in Devon, PA, that have multiple air bags, unobstructed views, and electronic stability control. Autos with advanced safety and driver-assist features like rearview cameras and blind-spot monitoring can add another layer of safety, but ensure your teen does not rely on these too much at first. Your teen must learn to drive without them. Don’t forget to pay attention to body style and size as well. Larger vehicles tend to be safer in head-on collisions and sedans tend to be more stable than SUVs. 

Avoid Too Much Power

Despite what your teen may want, you should avoid vehicles that have very powerful engines. This will just encourage your teen to drive more quickly in Devon, PA, and potentially take risks while driving. If your teen really wants a fast car, say that this is a possible replacement vehicle in the coming years once proven that he or she can drive safely and stick to the speed limit. 

Whether you need a vehicle for a teen or an experienced driver, Sloane Automotive Group prides itself on offering a range of vehicles and great customer service as a used BMW dealer near me in Devon, PA. 
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