Certified Pre-Owned Dealership in Glenside, PA

Why Price Is Not Everything at a Certified Pre-owned Dealership in Glenside, PA

When shopping for a used car, many people assume that a more affordable vehicle is a better deal, but this is not always the case. Many factors other than price play a role when it comes to whether you get a good deal, and you should keep that in mind when shopping at a certified pre-owned dealership in Glenside, PA. 

Pricing for Certified vs. Non-Certified Autos

You will notice that prices at a certified pre-owned dealership in Glenside, PA, are slightly higher than those for non-certified autos. This is a perfect example of when a lower price is not necessarily the most important factor due to the added value of certification. Certified vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection, so you know they are in good shape, meaning some of the increase in price is due to your confidence in the vehicle. Additionally, certified used cars have added value due to their extended warranties, something which will easily pay for the difference in price and save you money over a non-certified car. 

Automotive History

If you see two of the same vehicle and model year side by side with different prices, the more expensive one may still be a better deal depending on its history in Glenside, PA. You will get the best value from a vehicle that has had few owners, has a proven maintenance history, and has not been in any (or many) accidents. A vehicle that has major body work will cost less than one with a clean accident history, but that does not mean you should opt for that one. The accident may lead to lingering damage that could cost you thousands down the road. In this case, it would be more financially savvy to go with the auto with a clean history, despite the slightly higher initial expense. 


Don’t forget that one of the same rules applies to used cars as new cars: you get more features if you spend more. If you want a larger vehicle, one with a more powerful engine, or an auto with more features and technologies, you will have to pay more in Glenside, PA. Although you will spend a bit more, this does not make it a bad deal since you pay for something tangible, whether it is leather upholstery, an upgraded sound system, blind-spot monitoring, or something else. 

At our certified pre-owned dealership in Glenside, PA, you will find a vehicle for every budget, including a range of reliable autos that provides everything you want. Visit Sloane Automotive Group to check out our selection in person. 
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