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How to Inspect a Vehicle From a Used Audi Dealer in Malvern, PA

Before you buy a used vehicle, you should always inspect it to confirm that it is in good condition and you are aware of any problems with the vehicle. Ideally, you should hire a mechanic you trust to complete the inspection. However, you do not want to waste time and money when it is not necessary, so do a pre-inspection yourself before buying from a used Audi dealer in Malvern, PA. This way, you can save the time and money you would spend on an inspection when it is obvious a vehicle is in bad shape. Here are some things to keep in mind when doing an inspection yourself. 

Look at the Vehicle History Report

One of the first things you should do before buying an auto in Malvern, PA, is to look at the vehicle history report. The dealership will sometimes include this, but you may have to pay for it yourself. Even if you need to pay, it is very affordable considering the size of the investment you will make in the vehicle and the report’s ability to show you some serious warning signs. Pay specific attention to the accident history, title information, any manufacturer recalls, damage due to weather, and theft. Ensure the title is clean, meaning there are no salvage records or outstanding liens. 

Ask for Maintenance Records

Another part of the inspection that does not involve any physical inspection on your part is to ask to view maintenance records for the auto in Malvern, PA. Some of the maintenance records may actually appear on the vehicle history report, but this is not always the case, particularly work done at smaller shops. Although viewing maintenance records is not essential for a used car purchase, it should be a priority as a well-maintained auto is less likely to need major repairs. 

Go on a Test Drive

Perhaps most importantly, take the auto on a test drive around Malvern, PA, as part of the inspection. Start off the test drive by walking around the car to look for anything that seems out of place, including rust spots. Look at it from every direction, including the underside. During the test drive, try to engage in multiple types of driving types and be sure to check all the electronic systems, like the radio and lights. 

All the vehicles at Sloane Automotive Group are in good condition, and our team encourages you to go ahead and inspect them before deciding. Visit our used Audi dealer in Malvern, PA, to check out our selection of vehicles. 
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