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What to Know About Tire Rotation After Buying From a Used BMW Dealer Near Me in Glenside, PA

When you buy a vehicle from a used BMW dealer near me in Glenside, PA, the tires will be in good condition. To keep them that way, you should make sure you keep up with tire rotation. Not everyone understands the importance of tire rotation as well as how to do it, so this is your chance to refresh your memory and make sure you realize why you should never skip this piece of automotive maintenance. 

Why Tire Rotation Matters

The first thing to understand is why you need to rotate your tires. Many things impact the life of your tires in Glenside, PA, including tire pressure, the auto’s suspension, and your driving habits. Tire rotation supplements these factors by ensuring that your tires wear evenly. Essentially, the tires in different positions of your vehicle wear at different rates, so rotation lets the entire set lasts longer. 

Those who want a bit more information about the uneven wear on tires in Glenside, PA, can look at the patterns for both front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive autos. With front-wheel-drive models, the front tires take on most of the braking forces and are responsible for turning and acceleration while the rear tires do very little. This leads to greater wear for the front tires. With rear-wheel-drive autos, the rear tires take on accelerating while the front tires handle turning and breaking. Front tires will wear along their shoulders while rear tires will wear along the tread’s center in this case. 

Rotation Frequency

To get the exact frequency when you should rotate your tires in Glenside, PA, check your owner’s manual. The absolute maximum interval recommended by most automakers for tire rotation is 8,000 miles, but many experts feel it is smarter to do this every 5,000 miles. 

How to Rotate the Tires

The simplest way to rotate your tires is to bring your auto to the service center in Glenside, PA, and have BMW technicians do the job for you. You can also do the job yourself if you have a flat space to park, jack stands, a jack, wheel chocks, a wrench, a tire pressure gauge, a tire inflator, and your owner’s manual. You will need to check your auto’s rotational pattern. Then you can loosen all the tires, remove them, put them in the right spot, and tighten the lug nuts. 

Whether you want to buy a vehicle or have our service center team rotate your tires, the team at Sloane Automotive Group, a used BMW dealer near me in Glenside, PA, is ready to assist you. 
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