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Why Buy From a Used BMW Dealership in Devon, PA, Instead of Online

When you decide to buy a used auto, you will have plenty of options, including where to make the purchase. Thanks to modern technology, it is now easy to buy an auto online rather than at a dealership, but that apparent convenience comes with its own complications. Find out why it is smarter to buy from a used BMW dealership in Devon, PA, instead of shopping for your auto online. 

No Guarantee of What the Auto Looks Like

One of the biggest problems with shopping for a used car online is that you will not know what the vehicle looks like. Yes, there will likely be pictures and maybe even a video showing off the vehicle in Devon, PA, but there is no proof that the pictured vehicle is actually the one for sale. Unscrupulous sellers will take photos of the underside of an auto that is in good shape then use it for other autos as well to indicate a good-condition vehicle. You really have no way to tell whether the auto you buy is in the condition shown or the image is that of another auto or even doctored. 

No Test Drive and Inspection

Just like you will not be sure what the auto looks like if you buy online, you will also not have the chance to inspect it or take it for a test drive to confirm if that vehicle is in the condition that the seller claims. You should never buy a used car in Devon, PA, without inspecting it for potential damage and taking it on a test drive since skipping these steps put you at risk of buying a lemon. If you buy an auto in person, you can confirm its condition, but when buying online, you have to take the seller’s word for it or rely on photos. 

Waiting for the Auto

In most cases, when you buy a used car from a dealership in Devon, PA, you will be able to get it right away. However, if you buy online, you will have to wait at least several days to likely weeks until the auto arrives at your place. You may also have to pay for the transport cost. 


Do not forget to consider the legal technicalities of buying a car online. You may need a physical signature on the title and other documents, which would require time-consuming mailing or expensive overnight shipping of paperwork to Devon, PA. You may also have issues ensuring your chosen auto complies with your state’s regulations if you buy it from another state. 

Although our team at Sloane Automotive Group encourages you to visit our used BMW dealership in Devon, PA, to take your chosen auto on a test drive before purchase, you are also welcome to browse our online inventory to get a feel for our offerings. 
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