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Should You Buy From a Friend or a Used Honda Dealership in Glenside, PA?

There are two main choices when it comes to buying a car; you can either get it from a used Honda dealership in Glenside, PA, or from a private seller. As a general rule of thumb, it is smarter to buy from a dealership because you can check its reputation and read reviews. But what about buying from a private seller who happens to be a friend or family member? In this case, it gets a bit more complicated. 

One of You May Get Hurt (Emotionally)

The biggest reason that most people suggest you avoid buying a car from a friend in Glenside, PA, is that this transaction has the potential to ruin a friendship, or at least lead to some major obstacles. What happens if your friend lies about the condition of the vehicle and you feel taken advantage of? Or what if your price negotiations get too intense or stressful and someone gets hurt? If anything during the car-buying transaction goes wrong, it has the potential to ruin a friendship. 

Dealing With Titles and Paperwork

Another potential reason to avoid buying your auto from a friend in Glenside, PA, is the possibility of issues with the title or completing other paperwork. It is not uncommon for a person to sell a vehicle when they still have a loan on it, but this can make buying from a friend incredibly complicated, especially if you are unaware of the lien on the auto before buying. There is also the fact that neither you nor your friend likely has experience completing the Bill of Sale and other required paperwork. What happens if you miss something, so the sale is invalid and then your friend refuses to sign over the title until you pay more? This is never a concern with a dealership since they will ensure you fill out all paperwork, walking you through the process. 

What to Do If You Do Buy From a Friend

If, against advice, you do choose to buy your car from a friend instead of a dealership in Glenside, PA, then at least be smart about it. Start by confirming that the title for the auto is clear, and then have a trusted mechanic inspect it. Take the auto on a test drive, and look at the vehicle history report. Get the agreement for sale price in writing and sign the Bill of Sale at the same time you pay. Don’t forget to transfer the title as well. 

Next time you are in the market for your next auto, visit our used Honda dealership in Glenside, PA, where the Sloane Automotive Group team will help you find the perfect car and walk you through the buying process. 
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