Used Honda For Sale Glenside, PA

Used Honda for Sale in Glenside, PA

There are many choices when it comes to a used Honda for sale in Glenside, PA, including models with a turbocharged engine. If you opt for a turbocharged Honda, you may wonder if there are any car-care tips to worry about in addition to the regular advice regarding caring for your vehicle. 

You Don’t Have to Worry

You will be glad to know that with modern vehicles, caring for a Honda with a turbocharged engine in Glenside, PA, is the same as caring for one without a turbocharger. Most of the advice you find regarding specific care for turbo engines applies to older vehicles, about 10 years old or more. Since then, turbocharger technology has advanced enough that you do not have to worry about special care. If you are curious about the tips you will find, or you happen to buy a turbocharged vehicle that is older than 10 years or a modified one, then there are some things to keep in mind. 

Warm It Up

With older turbocharged vehicles and any Honda with a turbocharger that you modified, you should take the time to warm up your auto before you drive it around Glenside, PA. This is not necessary on modern autos, but older turbochargers work best when the oil is up to the ideal temperature before you hit the accelerator. 

Cool It Down

Just like you need to warm up older turbocharged engines in Glenside, PA, you also need to let them cool down. Modern autos, including nearly every single used Honda you buy, will have an oil system within the engine that remains on to keep cooling even after you turn off the engine. Older vehicles, however, lack this feature so you should let your engine cool down a bit before turning off your vehicle. 

Dealing With Turbo Lag

While the modern Hondas with turbocharged engines do not experience any lag in Glenside, PA, this was a problem with some of the first turbocharged engines from all automakers. Manufacturers resolved the issue with a common rail injection system that delivers a quick response. In older autos, however, you need to ensure you do not mash on the throttle if the turbo lags, particularly when you leave a corner. Doing this can accidentally lead to extra power you do not want. 

Whether you prefer a Honda with or without a turbocharged engine, the team at Sloane Automotive Group can help you find your ideal vehicle. Visit our dealership to find a used Honda for sale in Glenside, PA, today. 
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