Used Porsche Dealer Near Me Devon, PA

Questions to Ask at a Used Porsche Dealer Near Me in Devon, PA

When you visit a used Porsche dealer near me in Devon, PA, to buy a vehicle, you want to make sure you know key information about both the vehicle and the dealership. To ensure you do not have any unpleasant surprises later on, consider asking these questions. 

What Is the Model, Year, and Trim?
During your search for a used Porsche in Devon, PA, start by confirming that you know what vehicle you have in front of you. Double-check with the salesperson that it is the model, trim, and year that you think it is. Then, confirm with the salesperson the features this particular model has. This way, you know whether it has the amenities that you want in a vehicle and if it meets your requirements. 

Is There Any Warranty Coverage?

You should always ask if there is any warranty coverage on the vehicle you’re considering in Devon, PA. If the used auto is still fairly new, it may still have some of the original Porsche warranty. If there is warranty, confirm if it is transferrable to you as the new owner. In addition to the remaining new car warranty, a used Porsche may have a certified pre-owned warranty if you choose a certified model. If you want, you can also ask the dealership if it offers an extended warranty that you can buy for additional protection if no other coverage applies. 

What Is the Accident and Ownership History? 

As with any used car you consider buying at a dealership in Devon, PA, always ask about the vehicle’s history. Specifically, confirm if it was in any serious accidents and if the title is clear. You should be able to tell both of these things from the vehicle history report. You may also want to ask other questions, such as how many owners the auto had and whether they smoked or had pets. 

Does the Car Need Any Repairs? 

Finally, ask whether the vehicle in question needs any repairs so you can budget accordingly. This is also the time to check if the dealership completed any repairs on the vehicle and ask if there is a copy of the maintenance records that you can see. Maintenance records are excellent proof that the previous owners took care of the vehicle in Devon, PA.  

Our team at Sloane Automotive Group will gladly answer any questions you have at our dealership near Devon, PA. We want to ensure you choose the right vehicle and will be happy with your purchase. 
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