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Avoid These First-Time Car-Buyer Mistakes at a Used Porsche Dealership in Malvern, PA

If you are a first-time car buyer, then you may accidentally make a few mistakes during the purchasing process. To ensure that you get a great deal and the right vehicle when you visit a used Porsche dealership in Malvern, PA, do what you can to avoid the following mistakes. 

Not Researching Vehicles

Some first-time car buyers will spend weeks poring over all the information they can get on a range of autos to figure out which one is right for them while others just spend a few hours then go to the dealership. While not researching vehicles will save you time up front, it is also a major mistake. You may luck out and end up with the right vehicle, but if you do not complete enough research, you are unlikely to know which features really matter to you or which body style best fits your needs. When you go to the dealership in Malvern, PA, you want to already have a solid idea of what you want from an auto. Then, you can talk to the salesperson to get some suggestions and confirm your choice. 

Looking at Monthly Payments

First-time car buyers do not have experience with automotive financing that can lead to a few mistakes in this area. One of the biggest potential errors is the act of focusing on monthly payments instead of the total price in Malvern, PA. While the monthly payment is a consideration, the most important figure should be the total cost of the auto. Otherwise, a salesperson may lure you in with the promise of low monthly payments only for you to later realize the loan term is very long, which causes interest payments to rack up. 

Long-Term Loans

On a related note, some first-time buyers go with long-term financing as a way to afford a larger auto. Not only will this increase the amount you pay in interest over time in Malvern, PA, but it also ties you to the loan for longer. Although you can sell an auto with a car loan on it, this is much more difficult than selling the one you fully own, which is something to consider if you do not plan on driving your first purchase until it wears out. 

Our Sloane Automotive Group team always does our best to ensure that your car-buying process goes smoothly, whether you are a first-time buyer or have previously owned dozens of cars in your life. Visit our used Porsche dealership in Malvern, PA, to find your next auto. 
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