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Purity in the Audi A8

If you’re searching for one of the best luxury cars for the drive you want to experience on the road, the Audi A8 should be the car you choose.  This impressive flagship luxury sedan has been perfectly crafted to give you the attractive style and quality that you want to enjoy.  Take a look at the roomy layout, the cutting edge technology, and the advanced features offered in this car.  The smooth feeling and impressive style of the A8 will make you happy and will allow you to drive the car that’s turning heads in your neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA.

A Drive You’ll Love in the A8

The goal of the Audi A8 you see at Sloane Auto Group is to provide you with a serene luxury ride that offers you the performance you want when you get behind the wheel.  This large sedan is one that brings you the smooth drive, the comfort you’ll love, and the benefits of a powerful engine and the Quattro AWD system.  In the cabin, you’ll find seats, door panels, and a dashboard that uses materials that show the care and beauty that you want when you’re ready to take a drive.  The interior area is clean and uncluttered while being filled with the technology that will make this car the one you want to enjoy when you drive.

Excellent Technology in this Audi

The Audi A8 is packed with the technology you desire and it can be upgraded with new technology that is offered to make it one of the best luxury cars you can drive in Philadelphia, PA.  Currently, you’ll have the benefits of adaptive cruise control, front cross-traffic detection, exit assist, emergency assist, and the pre sense system.  The future will give us a new pre sense side system which will detect when an obstacle is coming toward the A8 on the side of the vehicle.  Take a look at the tech and see if this package is what you’re looking for when you drive.

A Relaxing Interior

Audi wants you to be comfortable and enjoy the quality of the ride in the Audi A8.  This car is built with massaging and heated front and rear seats to give you and all your passengers the comfort desired.  You’ll also be able to have a cabin air ionizer, heated rear-door armrests, a 23-speaker/1,920-watt Bang & Olufsen audio system, and a set of folding tables in the rear center console.  Your rear passengers will also enjoy footrests in the back and one of them has a heated foot massaging function.

The A8 is the Perfect Drive

You’re looking for the best luxury cars to drive and Audi has the car that you want to take out on the road and enjoy in Philadelphia, PA.  The Audi A8 is a large and impressive sedan that brings you the quality ride and the comfort you need when you’re ready for a drive.  Visit Sloane Auto Group and get behind the wheel and see how smooth and impressive this car can be for you.  You’ll be glad to have this car when you want to offer a smooth ride to your friends and family and when you’re ready to show off your impressive level of success.

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