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This Honda Hybrid is Back

You might not remember the first generation of the Honda Insight because it was a long time ago and was quickly eclipsed by another Japanese hybrid model.  The newest generation of this car recently began and continues to give you the Honda Insight found at your local Honda dealer which is a car that shares a platform with the Civic to give you a familiar ride and the Honda qualities you want.  If you’re looking for a car that can give you nearly 50 mpg on the highway, this will be the one you want to take with you when its time for a drive around Philadelphia, PA.

The Ride You’ll Admire from Honda

When you take the Honda Insight you see at Sloane Auto Group out on the road for a drive, you’re going to have a cabin that’s quiet and easy to enjoy.  This car has the qualities that you expect from Honda with an agile feeling on the road to ensure you can trust it no matter where you want to go. Do you like to take long drives?  If so, the Honda Insight is a car that has the drive you’re looking for and it can continue to give you the excellence you want to enjoy every day.

Impressive Regenerative Braking in the Insight

If you’re not familiar with the difference of driving a hybrid when compared to a regular gasoline-powered car, the feeling of the regenerative braking can sometimes be jarring.  The Honda Insight at your local Honda dealer is built to make sure you don’t have this feeling at all.  When this system is at work, the ride will feel like a normal car.  You also have added control over the regenerative braking system with the use of the paddles mounted below the steering wheel.  Adjust the system to recapture the energy you want and make sure you have the ride quality that you expect in this Honda you drive in Philadelphia, PA.

The Impressive Infotainment System

Smaller cars typically don’t have large infotainment screens, but the Honda Insight can be had with a massive eight-inch screen that looks impressive and offers you the quick response and easy use that you want.  Choose the EX or Touring trim and you can have this infotainment screen and enjoy the connectivity of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or Bluetooth when you take a drive.  You’ll be glad to have the ability to scroll through the menus with ease and admire everything this impressive system offers.

Truly the Right Hybrid

Look at the new Honda Insight when you’re searching for the hybrid car that has the style, build, quality, and features you want to enjoy on the road.  This car drives like a typical model has the efficiency you want to experience when you drive, and it gives you the features that will make you smile.  Take a test drive in the Insight when you visit your local Honda dealer of Sloane Auto Group and you’ll see how this car brings you the features and qualities that you’re looking for when you want to take it out on the road and enjoy an amazing hybrid package around Philadelphia, PA.

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