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Its time for you to commit to a vehicle that brings you the engaging driving experience offered by Porsche.  We’ve admired the Porsche brand as the top sports car brand for a long time and when you want to enjoy the drive from your local Porsche dealer near me, you’re going to see the team from Sloane Auto Group.  Let them assist you in picking out a pre-owned Porsche model that can give you the drive and fun you want at an affordable price.

Check out these models offered at the Porsche dealer near me:

1976 Porsche 912 – If you want to drive a classic Porsche model that’s been cared for and has been reviewed, you’ll want to see this impressive model and take it for a ride.  The Porsche dealer near me has checked this car to make sure you can enjoy the drive on the roads and pamper this classic model the way it should be cared for.

2014 Porsche Cayman – Here’s a small and sporty Porsche coupe offered at this dealer near me that is a certified pre-owned model for you to drive.  This car has low miles and a lot of fun to make sure you can have the pleasure of the drive that you’re looking for.  Get in and take this sports car for a drive and let it be the one that brings you the quality and the fun you desire.

2018 Porsche Macan Sport Edition – Its time for an SUV, but you want that SUV to be fun and active on the road.  Visit the Porsche dealer near me and see how easy it is to take this SUV out for a drive and let it become the model that will bring you the quality and drive you desire.  This is a certified pre-owned model to give you the extended warranty you want to enjoy when you drive.

1975 Porsche 911 Carrera – There’s plenty of sport and active driving that will give you the drive you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel and have some fun.  This amazing little car can take you for an exciting ride and is a classic model you’re sure to love.  Visit the Porsche dealer near me and choose this model that will become the car you love to keep in pristine condition.

2018 Porsche 718 Cayman – This base couple is a model that offers you the excitement of the drive from Porsche that you’re sure to enjoy.  Get behind the wheel of this certified pre-owned model at the Porsche dealer near me and make it the one that will give you the quality drive that you’ve been after.  Take this model out for a test drive and see what it brings for your drive today.

The team at Sloane Auto Group is ready to be the Porsche dealer you trust for the sporty fun you’re looking for on the roads near me.

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