The Bolder and Sportier Audi A4

The new Audi A4 has more enticing appearance and more enjoyable qualities making it the sporty luxury sedan you want to drive.  The availability of the Quattro AWD system has increased in the A4 lineup and there are more hardware and luxury qualities for you to choose from.  This sedan leads the midsize luxury segment with the interior comforts you’re looking for and the drive that you want on the road.  This is a car that you’re going to fall in love with after only taking it for one test drive on the roads near Warrington.

What do You Want in the Audi A4?

Are you looking for a luxury sports sedan that offers you a combination of the best features and qualities for your drive?  If so, the new Audi A4 should be the car you choose at Sloane Auto Group.  This midsize luxury sports sedan give you a combination of style, technology, luxury, and performance to be the car that can make your drive more fun when you want it to be.  Choose the A4 and take it for a drive today and let it be the one that will shock the competition and give you the drive everyone admires in your neighborhood near Warrington.

Giving You More in the A4

Audi wants the A4 to be the car that has everything you desire for the drive.  For this reason, they’ve made it so that the base sedan is the only one that’s limited to FWD.  Every model above the base model can be had with Quattro AWD as a standard feature for the drive.  Other items that have been added to the mix are driver safety features that were optional in the past.  These have now been added to the Premium Plus and Prestige models to give you the safety you’re looking for.  There’s also a new Black Optic package that you can choose for the A4.

Virtually Adaptive Technology in the A4

The interior of the new Audi A4 has been called the Virtual Cockpit which offers you an extreme set of LCD gauges and a full display of information that you want for the drive.  This means you can have the gauge readings you want or the satellite view of the road and maps that you need to be able to get where you want to when you drive.  The adaptive cruise control can seriously help you go where you need to with the ability to stop and go in any type of traffic near Warrington.

Let the Audi A4 Become the Right One

When it’s time to get out on the roads and take a drive, the new Audi A4 can be the perfect car for what you need to do.  This luxury sports sedan is one that offers you the Audi qualities that make driving right.  Visit Sloane Auto Group today and see that this is the car that can offer you the dynamic sporty feeling you want along with the comfort you desire when you take a luxury sedan out for a drive near Warrington.

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