Honda CR-V or HR-V, Save Today.

Excellence in the Honda Name

There are more SUVs on the market than ever in the past.  Because this class of vehicle has expanded to offer more large and small models for you to choose from, there are some models that feel they have to compete with each other when offered from the same brand.  If you’re looking at the Honda brand, you’ll want to find out whether you should drive the CR-V or the HR-V and have the small SUV driving experience that you want to enjoy.  Both have their own list of positive attributes to offer you.

The Starting Differences of These Hondas

To learn whether you should drive the Honda CR-V or the HR-V you need to see the team at Sloane Auto Group.  This is the dealership team where you’ll find both of these models and be able to choose the right size for you to have the drive you desire.  The Honda CR-V is the larger of the two and part of the compact crossover SUV market while the Honda HR-V is in the subcompact crossover class to be smaller.  Right away, you can see the main difference is size and price of these two models.

Do You Want More or Less?

When you want more and you’re looking at the choices of the Honda CR-V or HR-V, you’ll quickly realize the right model is the CR-V.  The CR-V offers you more cabin space, more power, more cargo room, more capability, and more size.  Of course, if you’re looking for a small SUV that has a small footprint and a bit of SUV features, the Honda HR-V could be right for you.  This little model is small, offered with more efficient, has less space in the cabin, and makes driving easier when you want to fit everywhere you go.

Cut from the Same Cloth

Look at the Honda CR-V and HR-V models together and you’re going to see they look extremely similar.  This could make the decision for you between the two more difficult for you.  The HR-V appears to be a CR-V that was left in the dryer too long to make it shrink.  If you want cozy and tighter quarters, the HR-V could be right while there’s a bit more elbow room for you in the Honda CR-V to give you the drive you desire on the road.

See the Right Team Today

If you’re trying to figure out whether you should drive the Honda CR-V or HR-V, you need to see the team at Sloane Auto Group and ask them which one is right today.  These two SUVs give you a lot of different things to think about when you want to have a small SUV that comes with the features that make sense for you.  Take a test drive in both of these models and figure out which version will be the one that you want to take home today.

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