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The Benchmark of BMW Continues

For many years, the car that has set the bar for the driving qualities you want to enjoy on the road has been the BMW 3 Series.  Specifically, the Ultimate Driving Machine has been the M3 version of the 3 Series and it continues to be an amazing car to enjoy on the road and at the track.  If you’re ready to find a car that can take you where you want and offer you the driving feeling that makes sense for you, you’ll want to see the BMW 3 Series.

Ask About the Driving Qualities of the 3 Series

Visit the team at Sloane Auto Group and see the different performance features that can give you the benefits of a great drive in the BMW 3 Series.  The M340i Performance model offers you the power you want and makes it easy for you the fun you’re looking for in this version of the Ultimate Driving Machen that has 382 horsepower to give you a great drive.  You’ll also have the benefits of a Driving Assistant Professional Package which combines the various features you want when you’re looking for electronic assistance during your drive.

Standard Offerings in this BMW

The BMW 3 Series is the car that offers you the perfect driving dynamics for the ride you’re looking for when you head out on the road.  This car comes in the RWD 330i which is the base model to give you power front seats, tri-zone automatic climate controls, a power moonroof, and faux leather upholstery.  You’ll have the benefits of an impressive infotainment system and the drive that makes it fun for you to experience what the starting point of the Ultimate Driving Machine has to offer when you take a drive.

This 3 Series Gives You Several Options

Choose upgraded versions of the BMW 3 Series and enjoy the added features that will take you where you want to go and give you the experience that makes sense.  The Luxury line adds chrome features, while the M Sport gives you a sport suspension, variable sport steering, LED fog lights, and other performance-oriented features.  There are more options that can be bundled into the package of the 3 Series you want to enjoy which will make this car the Ultimate Driving Machine and the one that you love to take out for a ride.

Make Driving Great Today

There’s only been one car in the history of the automotive industry that’s been donned as the Ultimate Driving Machine.  That car happens to be the BMW 3 Series and you can visit the team at Sloane Auto Group to find the car that you want to take out and enjoy every day.  Choose the version of the 3 Series that suits you wan offers the experience you want so that you can have the drive that you’ve been looking for.  You’ll be pleased with what this car has to offer.

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