What Makes the Toyota Camry Right for You?

For several generations of cars, the Toyota Camry has reigned as the top midsize sedan in the market.  This hasn’t changed with different models of the car and it certainly hasn’t changed with the inclusion of other models.  If you’re looking for the right midsize sedan to drive, you might want to know what makes the new Toyota Camry the one that will give you the driving pleasure and pricing you want to enjoy when you get behind the wheel.  This is a sedan that your entire family can admire and enjoy when you head out on the roads in Glenside, PA.

Items You’ll Love in the Camry

A Roomy Cabin

Even though the new Toyota Camry you see at Sloane Auto Group is considered a midsize sedan, there’s a lot of room and the space you need to be able to stretch out and enjoy the ride.  Your passengers in the rear will be pleased with the comfort offered because they can take advantage of 38 inches of legroom to have the comfort desired when on the road.  Check out the pricing offered and start driving around Glenside, PA.

Surprising Toyota Pleasure

You’ll love the drive in the new Toyota Camry, which might surprise you.  Most midsize sedans can be boring and uninteresting, but the Camry has a connected cabin and the driving dynamics that you want to enjoy when you take this car out on the road.  Enjoy the feeling of the ride that’s right for you when you choose the Camry pricing and begin your ride in Glenside, PA today.

Efficiency Where You Want It

Toyota has been the brand that you associate with the most popular hybrid car in the market.  That hybrid technology finds its way to the new Toyota Camry to be part of the lineup and gives you the feeling you want when you’re looking for a car that makes it easy for you to have the pricing you want and save money during your drive in Glenside, PA.  Choose the hybrid model and let the Camry give you up to 53 mpg on the highway.

The Camry Engines are Right

If you’re not ready to drive the hybrid version of the Toyota Camry, you can enjoy the efficiency and power of the four-cylinder model or the wonderful V6.  The four-cylinder engine gives you 203 horsepower and 39 mpg on the highway while the V6 offers 301 horsepower to give you the power you want when you get behind the wheel.

The Reputation You Love at Toyota

The new Toyota Camry you see at Sloane Auto Group comes as one of the most reliable cars that you can drive.  This car will make it easy for you to feel confident that you’re going to go where you want every day.  With proper maintenance, your Camry will be part of this stellar reputation and give you the feeling and pricing you want every time you take a drive in Glenside, PA.

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