Electric Driving from Porsche

We’ve known and admired the Porsche brand for the sports cars and amazing SUVs that have been part of what we see in the market for a long time.  This brand might be one where you wouldn’t expect to find electric driving, but after the success of the hybrid 918 Spyder a few years ago, Porsche decided it was time to develop a fully electric sports car.  This new sports car is called the Porsche Taycan and its new for the 2020 mole year to give you a car that will offer you the drive and the power you want when you want to have fun and use electricity for the drive.

Find the Taycan Today

As the first electric car in the lineup from Porsche, if you want to drive the Porsche Taycan, you need to see the team at Sloane Auto Group and let them tell you all about this car.  This is a car that brings you incredible acceleration, precision handling, and the aggressive styling you’re looking for.  For now, every model of this car sends power to all four wheels to give you the instant acceleration you want when you have this amazing electric car.

Superior Power for this Porsche

Choose the new Porsche Taycan and choose either the 4S, Turbo, or Turbo S  which all drive the four wheels with the use of two electric motors.  The 4S gives you 522 horsepower and 563 lb.-ft. of torque while the Turbo brings you 670 horsepower and the Turbo S reaches 750 ponies for your drive.  You can take this car to the track and find the fast sprint times that will blow our minds and have the performance and drive that you want when its time for you to have a great ride.

The Range for the Taycan

When you drive the Porsche Taycan, you’ll have driving range that can easily give you the ride you’re looking for during an entire day.  The Turbo S model comes in at 192 miles of driving on a full charge while the Turbo S reaches 201 miles to give you the drive you’re after.  This range is enough to make sure you can go where you need to and enjoy a great ride whether you drive the Taycan during your daily driving or you take it out to the track for some fun.

Learn More and Start the Fun

If you’re  considering the drive of an amazing Porsche sports car and you want to take advantage of the latest technology, you’ll be glad to choose the Porsche Taycan.  Let the team at Sloane Auto Group show you the different features, qualities, and performance items offered in the Taycan that you can choose to experience on the roads and tracks in your area.  This car is the future of sports car driving and its ready for you to have what you want.  Learn more at Sloane and start driving the Taycan today.

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