When you buy a Toyota vehicle, you expect to receive some qualities that are inherent to this brand.  The Toyota brand has a longstanding reputation for reliability, dependability, and resale value.  Some Toyota models are the most popular in their category and offer you the drive you want to enjoy every day.  You’ll have these benefits when you buy a Toyota from Sloane along with many more qualities that make it easy for you to choose this dealership when you’re ready to purchase your next vehicle.

Turn Your Old Car into Cash

Do you have an older car that you’d like to sell, but you don’t want to use that money as a down payment?  No problem visit the team at Sloane Auto Group and choose the new Toyota you want to drive home while this team offers you an appraisal for your old car.  Unlike a traditional trade-in, when you sell your car to Sloane, you can use part or all of the money as a down payment or simply take the money from your old car home with you during your drive in your new Toyota.

Certified Used Models are Easy to Find

If you’re looking for a pre-owned Toyota model and you want to have the benefits of an extended warranty, you’ll want to see one of the certified pre-owned vehicles offered at Sloane.  The selection is impressive, the coverage is amazing, and you’ll drive home with the confidence that you’ve found a car that will take care of you for many years.  Ask about the easy financing offered and enjoy the right way to drive when you take a Toyota home and allow it to be the brand that you trust every day.

Service is Right at Sloane

Buying a new or used Toyota means you’re going to need to care for the vehicle with regular service and maintenance.  This is even more important if you have a vehicle with a warranty.  Let the service team at Sloane help you keep your Toyota running the right way.  This team is staffed by factory-trained technicians that know your vehicle better than anyone else.  You can drive with confidence and know that your Toyota is always going to take you where you need to go because the experts at Sloane have cared for it the right way.

Sloane has a Staff You Want to Know

Whether you’re coming in for your first time or you’ve purchased several vehicles from Sloane Auto Group, it’s easy to get to know the sales team.  You’ll find some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable people at this dealership.  Come in and ask the questions you’ve been thinking of.  This team will take the time to give you the information you want without pressuring you into a sale.  The patience and understanding shown by this team will give you the best sales experience you’ve ever had when buying a new or used car.