2011 BMW 3 Series Summary

The BMW 3 Series provides something for every taste, from sedan to wagon, coupe to convertible and even a diesel. For 2011, there's a new 335is version slotted below the M3, and it's a blast to drive and a performance bargain. Any of the 3 Series are among the sportiest, most enjoyable cars in a class full of good cars. All remain benchmarks for overall performance, and none exacts a significant toll in efficiency, practicality or comfort. The 3 Series offers BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system, and every model is laden with leading-edge technology. Prices rise quickly and substantially from the bottom of the 3 Series line, but we think most buyers will find the least expensive models as useful and enjoyable as the most expensive.

J.P. Vettraino filed this report to from Detroit. Tom Lankard contributed from central California, with Larry Edsall reporting from Marin County in Northern California, and Kirk Bell in Chicago.

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