2011 Porsche 911 Summary

You can find sports cars with more sex appeal and you can certainly find sports cars that are more brutish. You will not find a sports car with better overall balance than the Porsche 911, however, and you will not find a true high-performance machine that is easier to live with as daily transportation. So, which one? The Carrera is a terrific sports car and we'd be overjoyed to drive one every day. The Carrera S adds a little more oomph enthusiasts will appreciate. A Carrera 4 with the PDK is safe and comfortable no matter the weather or the ugliness of the traffic; it's a great sports car for the daily commuter, perfect for someone who has always wanted a Porsche. The Targa is an interesting design, but the mesh doesn't keep the sun out enough. The Cabriolets aren't as pretty to our eyes as the coupes, until we drive them, that is, then they're pretty sweet from the driver's seat. The Turbo offers the ultimate in performance yet is easy to drive and docile in traffic; it's our choice when money is no object. The GT3 is for the true enthusiast and our top pick for a dual-purpose weekend warrior. correspondent J.P. Vettraino filed this report from Detroit, with Mitch McCullough reporting from Los Angeles, Park City, Utah, and Birmingham, Alabama, and Kirk Bell reporting from Chicago and Salt Lake City.

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