Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind while building strength and flexibility -- and we know some fantastic places for you to practice at! We did a little investigating and rounded up the best yoga places near Glenside, PA.

Want to find out which ones ranked at the top of our list? Read on to find the ideal spot for your next yoga session.

Amma Yanni Yoga Center & School

You'll love the practice offered at Amma Yanni Yoga Center & School! This space is all about connecting the mind and body so they work together in perfect peace and harmony. You'll learn about moving with the breath, increasing your stamina, and improving your alignment for overall improved health and wellness.

There are a variety of different classes depending on your needs and experience levels. Gentle Flow is a great way to get started, teaching you to get in touch with your breathing while learning an assortment of different foundational postures. It's a great introduction to what could end up being a lifelong hobby.

Dana Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is an enormously fun form of practice, especially at Dana Hot Yoga. This immersive experience offers you full support for the mind as well as the body, with a comprehensive class list and tons of wellness options you're going to love trying.

Besides providing you with in-depth lessons on different forms of hot yoga designed to increase your strength, flexibility, and balance, the center also features lessons on essential oils to improve your health, wellness consultations, and even a Zyto Scan, which minutely analyzes your overall health.

Water And Rock Studio

If you're looking for personalized, whole-body fitness wherever you choose, you're going to love Water and Rock Studio. This spot offers comprehensive mind and body wellness, so you look (and feel) great inside and out.

And if heading to the gym isn't your thing, that's no problem! In fact, this studio offers personalized classes and training in the home, so you can enjoy an intense and rewarding yoga experience without ever leaving your home.

The friendly and enthusiastic staff will put you at ease and help you achieve all your yoga and fitness goals in a positive and nurturing environment. It's a great way to get in shape and improve your mindset, too!

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Ready to get your flexibility on? Then head on over to any of these great spots and experience yoga classes that are diverse, fun, and will take your practice to the next level. You'll love all these amazing options, so grab your yoga mat and get ready for a class you won't soon forget.

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