The Porsche 911 is a car that’s carried a strong history of being one of the most incredible sports cars we’ve ever seen.  Every time Porsche upgrades this car, we let out a collective breathe of admiration for what they’ve brought to us.  It seems this car never has a bad year and never has given us a reason not to want to drive it.  Even so, the question is whether you should have a new or used model to drive.

Is the Used Model a Recent Version?

One of the most important questions to ask is what year the Porsche 911 comes from.  If you’re looking at a used model that’s offered from one of the most recent years, the price is likely to be a bit lower than a new model and you could have some of the factory warranty still offered for your drive.  On the other hand, if you have an older model, the price could be astronomically high because of the rarity of the model you’re looking at.

Which Era Do You Want to Enjoy?

The Porsche 911 has been around since 1964 and more than 70 percent of the models ever built are still on the road.  This means you could have a lot of models to choose from if you want to enjoy a used version of this sports car.  Once you choose your era, you’ll know whether you have an oil or water-cooled version to drive.  Older models of the Porsche 911 will likely cost a lot to maintain, which is something you need to consider when you’re preparing to make the commitment to an older sports car.

Enjoy Modern Technology in a New Model

If you’re going to drive your Porsche 911 every day, or at least on days when the weather is agreeable, you want to enjoy the modern creature comforts of cars that are built now.  This means having the infotainment system that can keep you connected, enjoying the safety features offered and having the dynamic drive that is part of the newest versions of the Porsche 911.  You’ll also have the benefits of a standard warranty that will keep you protected by the factory for the first part of your driving in this car.

Make the Right Choice Today

Whether you want to enjoy the classic look and build of an older used Porsche 911, the nearly-new build and low price of one from a recent model year or you’re looking at a new Porsche, you’ll want to see the team at Sloane Auto Group.  This is where you can find the perfect sports car for your driving pleasure on the roads in Philadelphia, PA. The Sloane team can help you figure out whether you should buy a new or used Porsche 911 and they will help you find the right model to drive, come in and see this team today.