Do you expect to be treated the same way or find the same dealership experience when you visit a location that sells luxury cars or mainstream models?  While the vehicles might be different, the experience is excellent no matter which location of the Sloane Auto Group dealership lots you choose to visit.  The Sloane team offers you the luxury of Audi and BMW, the sportiness of Porsche, and the dependability of Honda and Toyota to give you the brands you’re looking for when you want to take a drive.

Excellent Financing Options at All Locations

When you have a dealership group that offers you a variety of brands to choose from, you’ll find a consistent offering when it comes to financing for the model you choose.  You’ll find easy financing rates at Sloane Auto Group regardless of the dealership location you choose to visit when its time for a drive.  If the dealership group is offering savings that can be applied to all brands, you’ll find the savings you’re looking for to make sure you can enjoy the most affordable payments every month during your time of driving the model you choose.

Shared Inventory of Used Models

Are you searching for a used vehicle?  You don’t have to tour the different Sloane Auto Group dealership locations to find the used model you want.  This team works together to make sure the used vehicle you want to test drive and consider is brought to the dealer that’s closest to you.  Because they work together with their inventory of used models, you can also expect to find consistent offerings when it comes to the financing programs, you’ll experience with the used models that you might want to take home and enjoy every day.

Make Shopping Easier

You want to enjoy the experience of shopping for a vehicle, but you don’t want to spend several hours at the dealership.  Sloane offers you contactless shopping, a large selection of great vehicles to choose from, and the programs you want to enjoy.  If you need the model to be brought to your home, Sloane can accommodate you.  You don’t have to wait until later to buy the next vehicle you want to drive when you work with the team at Sloan Auto Group.  This team is flexible enough to make sure you can shop the way you want.

Make Sense of the Drive

Whether you want the luxury drive of an Audi or BMW, the sporty feeling of a Porsche, or the reliable quality of a Toyota or Honda vehicle, the team at the Sloan Auto Group Dealership in the Philadelphia, PA area is here to help you.  Start your shopping experience online and let this team assist you when you’re ready to contact them.  Visit the dealer and choose the model you want, stay at home and work virtually with the dealer, and find the next model that will be the vehicle you love to drive today.